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8 Tips for Leaving Your Home While On Holiday Vacation

by char-maccallum-real-estate-group-inc

8 Tips for Leaving Your Home While On Vacation

It’s holiday planning time here in Olathe, Kansas!  Are you thinking of going out of town this holiday season?  Here are some helpful hints if you will be leaving your home during the holiday season.

1.  Give your contact information to your neighbors and inform them of who should be dropping by to check on the house. Make sure your neighbors have your contact information and they are aware of who will be dropping by to take care of your house while you are gone.

2.  Don’t forget to stop your mail service. Did you know you can start and stop service online? Go to   If you have holiday packages arriving, tell a neighbor to pick them up for you.

3.  Off or On? Lights – look into automatic timers for your lights.   Leave your shades in normal placement – all closed usually indicates no one is home!

4.  Do you have holiday lights outside?  Put them on timers outside or have a neighbor turn them off and on.

5.  Remove your “hide a key” from your normal location – you know on top of porch light, under mat, decorative rock – we ALL know it’s the hide a key location!  Thieves do too! Be creative or give it to a neighbor or friend while you are gone.

6.  Leave a list of contact numbers in the house, with friends and the house “watcher”.  YOUR contact numbers, family members that can handle things in case you can’t be reached.  Utility contact numbers.  Insurance companies and agents.

7.  Are your insurance policies up to date and in current payment?  This might seem like common sense – but you would be surprised at how many people can get distracted by the excitement of planning a trip, miss a payment or THINK they made a payment and find out the hard way that you aren’t covered.  Don’t be that person.

8.  Be careful with posting your details on fb, twitter, etc  Social media is advertising these days – would you announce that your home was going to be unoccupied for several days while you are going to see the Grandparents?  Hmmm – you might not think you are, however the professional planning a string of robberies on a neighborhood might be pretty tech savvy these days.

Do you have a house for sale in Olathe, Kansas or the Kansas City area?  If you are planning on going out of town this holiday season, make sure your agent has all your schedule in case they need to reach you with questions or an offer to purchase your home.  Remember, if someone is out looking at homes during the holidays, they aren’t out “kicking the tires” – they need to BUY!  Make sure your home is ready in case you get a call for a showing!

If you are traveling, be safe and plan ahead.  If you are looking for a house sitter or pet sitter for the holidays and can’t seem to find someone, call us at the Char MacCallum team office at 913-782-8857 and we may have a few names of people that our clients have used in the past.  We hope these tips make it a little easier for you to plan for your holiday vacations.

From our families to yours we hope you enjoy your holidays this season!