About Char MacCallum
Meet our dynamic group of highly skilled Kansas City Realtors®! Each one fits a specialized role in our real estate practice to serve your needs.

The Char MacCallum Real Estate Group understands what real estate customers need. We know that you deserve the highest level of service, accountability, trust, and confidence in the Kansas Realtors® you choose as your agent. The Char MacCallum Real Estate Group is unique and different from traditional real estate companies because you won’t be “just a number.” Instead, we treat you like the very important person you are the minute you walk in our door. Your Success is Our Legacy!

Our company is widely recognized among other Kansas Realtors® in Kansas City. We are known for our world class marketing and technology, our presence in the industry, and our ability to make results happen. Our high percentage of repeat and referral business is a true testimony to our service and our clients’ satisfaction.
The Char MacCallum Real Estate Group ‘Client-First’ Philosophy
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Meet the Team
Char MacCallumBroker/Owner
Phone: 913-782-8857

“What I really love about this business,” says Char MacCallum, “is building relationships.” And, after 37 years in the business, she continues to build and grow them. These days, she is even selling homes to the grandchildren of her first customers and clients.

Her formula for success is a simple one: Care about others more than you care about your commission. Do what’s best for them every time. Her commission is a byproduct of her success, not the metric that defines it.

Born in Albert Lea. Minnesota, she grew up mostly in Kansas. While in grade school, her father decided that he was called to be a pastor, and so the family moved to Kansas so that he could attend Bible College and pursue his calling. The family would eventually move back to Minnesota, but Char’s heart had become firmly planted in the sunflower state. She returned to Olathe to attend college, and when the time was right, she launched her business there.

Char’s formal education is in music, and she draws on the creative side of her mind every day to figure out how best to serve her customers. She and her team stay abreast of the very latest tools and developments in the real estate business, and use those cutting edge tools to deliver state of the art service to their growing list of clientele.

Harmony is part and parcel of everything she and her company do. She loves a transaction where everyone can win and feel good about it. “I want the people I work with to be left with a beautiful sound,” she says.

Char and her formidable team have adopted an acronym to help remind them of what’s important in the work they do every day: DREAM
Do the right thing
Be Reliable
Enrich others
Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Make a difference
And, not surprisingly, Char is living her dream every single day. “I’m not selling houses. I’m selling homes,” she says. “People are coming back here, and we are connecting them back to their home. How can it be any better than that?”

She lives in Olathe with her husband of over 37 years, Bev. They have two children and 4 grandchildren.

Stephanie MacCallumAgent
Phone: 913-782-8857

Stephanie brings a strong background of customer service to the Char MacCallum Real Estate Group. Building on her experience, Real Estate is truly where she feels she ‘belongs’ and our clients agree! She is a Realtor and holds the CIAS designation which qualifies her to be a Certified Investor Agent Specialist.

She believes in delivering a one of a kind, top-rated client experience. Clients buying and selling a home from Stephanie agree as she has one of the highest repeat and referral networks in our team.As a team listing specialist, she takes great care to ensure that her clients are well informed so they can make good decisions on their home investments. A long time Olathe home owner, she KNOWS Olathe and our surrounding Kansas City areas as well as their market statistics. She works diligently to ensure a customized marketing plan is in place to strategically sell your home quickly and for top dollar. On behalf of Stephanie, Char and the entire group, they will work together to get your home SOLD!

Julia AdamsTransaction Coordinator
Phone: 913-782-8857

The key to selling your home is having an effective marketing plan! Julia is our client care manager and is instrumental to developing and implementing our proven Char MacCallum Real Estate Group marketing plan for each of the homes that are listed with us.

Our clients aren’t just ‘numbers’ to us, they represent families, situations and memories. Each marketing plan is tailored to the area, home and families that are selling their homes. Julia is detail oriented to ensure that Char’s clients and our realtor partners are pampered with excellent customer service from greetings at the door to the successful closing of your home! As client care manager, she also ensures that all our home closing information is accurate on our homes and properties. She goes the extra step to make sure our buyers and sellers have what they need from our team at all times.

Julia truly believes in delivering a top rated customer service experience and our clients would have to agree from their passionate testimonials about their experiences with her while buying or selling an Olathe or Kansas City home.

Married for over 20 years to her husband, a retired Navy veteran, she has three children and is always on the go!

Bev MacCallumPhone: 913-782-8857

With a wealth of business experience and national recognition in the industry as a company owner and coach, Bev’s main goal is goal is to develop sound business principles and training to ensure that the Char MacCallum Real Estate Group is cutting edge with our systems and technology.

He is instrumental in providing excellent service to our clients and in making sure that we provide the tools and knowledge to help our clients achieve their real estate goals. He also oversees the property management side of our business to ensure that our clients that are building wealth through real estate are protecting their investments to the best of their abilities.

A true servant leader, Bev assists with our marketing plans, oversees our technology team and is instrumental in the success of our real estate team. He is well respected amongst the real estate industry.

Scott MacCallumPhone: 913-782-8857

Being raised in a real estate family, Scott knows market values like no one else in Olathe and Kansas Cities. As a realtor and Director of marketing and technology he ensures that the Char MacCallum Real Estate Group is utilizing cutting edge tools, technologies and trends to ensure that homes listed with us receive top internet visibility.

Having a passion working with real estate investors,Scott is skilled in knowing what features will sell a home quickly and for top dollar. He is recognized as an expert in the industry for his technology use and has served as a consultant to top ranked real estate agents across the country in this capacity. When not selling real estate, Scott is spending time with his 2 children, their many pets and hanging with his wife Stephanie all around Olathe.

SandyPhone: 913-782-8857

Sandy is our talented Office manager for Olathe Rentals. With her experience working in the building industry as well as the medical industry prior to working with us, you will find that she is organized, detail oriented and prides herself on relationships and communication with others.

Sandy has lived in the Olathe area for over 40 years with her husband, a pastor in a local church. She is surrounded by her children and is active in her grandchildren’s lives as well as she still attends sports and school activities. Sandy enjoys entertaining family and friends and regularly volunteers at the food bank here in Olathe. With her loyalty and dedication to her job,she is a vital part of ensuring that our Olathe rental families are experiencing one of a kind service for all their rental needs.

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