The Kansas Realtors® of the Char MacCallum Real Estate Team have a wealth of knowledge regarding every detail of a home including window efficiency.

The options for window replacement in your current home, or those put into brand new Kansas homes for sale, are so vast when you consider size, quantity, color, and shape. Added to those esthetic choices is the most important choice of “type.” We think this site is one of the best sites on the web to compare your options. It will help you understand the types, but remember, the Char MacCallum Real Estate Team, Kansas realtors®, is always happy to point them out as we show you Kansas homes for sale.

We have some general tips to keep in mind. For a family with ball playing children, tempered glass prevents window shattering. Thermal pane windows are a great choice for energy efficiency, but keep in mind, if their seals get “broken” with age they might need to be replaced. Argon gas filled windows work very well to insulate your home which provides high energy efficiency as well. Low-E coatings reduce heat transfer for south facing rooms.

Also among the types listed above: single pane, double pane, thermo pane, triple pane windows, plain glass, leaded glass, and wired glass. Be sure to check out the site to get a head start on window knowledge as you search for Kansas homes for sale or as you decide what type of windows to put in the new home we helped you purchased. Considering listing a Kansas home for sale? Char MacCallum Real Estate Team, Kansas realtors®, is here to help.

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