Heating and cooling systems are two of the most important investments you’ll ever make in your home.

Heating and cooling use accounts for 44% of your home’s energy use. These two factors need a great deal of consideration when buying or selling any home. An efficient system will not only save money monthly, it will also likely draw more buyers when you decide to sell your home, especially first time homeowners here in the Kansas real estate market and the Kansas City real estate market.

There are many types of energy systems to consider when making a purchase for your current home or the home you are selling. The various systems include electric, gas, propane, oil, and wood-fired. There are different choices for the method of distribution within these types of systems. These methods can be forced air, under floor boilers and pipes, baseboard, zonal, gravity, heat pumps, ceiling wires, wood stoves, and fireplaces. Some have higher purchase prices but save money over time, while others cost more to maintain or operate than others which can affect your budget as well as your potential buyer list.

The more energy efficient an appliance is the less it costs to run and the lower your utility bills will be, saving money in the long run. Use this knowledge to evaluate the asking price of any home you list within the Kansas real estate market or to purchase a home. The Char MacCallum Real Estate Team is happy to help you evaluate home buying and selling choices and how this factors into the listing of your Kansas City real estate. More information on heating is available right here.

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