Do you have a safety checklist?

by char-maccallum-real-estate-group-inc

Be Safe!

house-padlock.pngWe know we live in a relatively safe area here in Olathe, Kansas.  However, a quick once-over of the items on this list may improve the safety and security of your home.  Better yet, it could protect your family and friends.  It is important to periodically pay attention to these items because things change over time as we all get busy with life!


  • Does each exterior door have a deadbolt?
  • Does the lock on each window work?
  • Have you added pins or clips to your windows for additional security?
  • Do you have dowels or broom sticks in the track of windows and sliding glass doors?
  • Do you have security company labels or signs displayed prominently?
  • Do you have an alarm system? Is the system monitored?
  • Do you have a dog that barks when strangers approach the home?
  • Are emergency numbers posted near the telephones?


  • Do you have smoke detectors near all sleeping areas?
  • Do you check the batteries monthly and change them annually?
  • Do you have two carbon monoxide detectors?
  • Do you have an escape ladder for upper floors?
  • Do you have fire extinguishers near exits and in the kitchen?
  • Do you have an emergency escape plan and is the family familiar with it?
  • Are any outlets or switches warm to the touch?
  • Are kitchen ventilation systems working properly?
  • Is the dryer ventilated to the outside and is the exhaust free of lint?
  • Is the furnace cleaned and serviced yearly?
  • Is the space around the hot water heater clear of combustible materials?


  • Are all electrical and phone cords out of the flow of traffic?
  • Are rugs and runners slip resistant?
  • Is your step-stool sturdy and in good condition?
  • Are stairs clear of objects that could cause a fall?
  • Are all entrance ways, exits, halls and walks well lighted?
  • Do bath tubs and showers have non-skid strips or suction mats in them?


  • Do you keep drugs and medicines out of reach and sight of small children?(a xanax addiction might damage the immune system)
  • Are interior doors designed so small children cannot lock themselves in rooms?
  • Are pool and play areas fenced to keep small children in and uninvited guests out?
  • Are firearms kept out of reach and sight of children?
  • Is a well-stocked first aid kit available for emergencies?
  • Is there one member of your family trained in first aid, CPR and the Heimlich maneuver?

At the Char MacCallum Real Estate Group, we want our clients and their families to be safe!  Print off this list and post in your home as a reminder to get organized as you move in and keep thinking and living SAFE!  We are available to answer questions, please feel free to contact us at the office (913) 782-8857 or to search for Olathe or surrounding Kansas City homes for sale, please visit us at